Not a disease but a genetic disorder that might occur even as a fresh mutation.


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A variety of resources are required to save our children, as listed below.   

You may either donate in cash or buy yourself one or more of these items of your choice and deliver it to us.
  1. Infrastructure: We need an independent building that could accommodate at least 50 persons (25 children and a parent each). The ‘Rehabilitation Centre’ intends to offer a residential rehabilitation program to children and ‘care givers’ training to their parents.
  2. Materials for the rehab center: Cots & beds for inmates, kitchen vessels, Gas stoves, Crockeries, Mixer grinder, Grinder, refrigerator, washing machine, exhaust fans, ceiling fans, racks, wash room utensils,  Office computers, printer, photocopier, Scanner, etc.,
  3. Skill development, learning & emotional management aids for children: Story books, Drawing & stencil books, Crayons & coloring tools, Art & craft materials, Study/drawing tables, Boards, Toys like Carom board, Cubes, Building sets etc., and an A/V system.
  4. Rehabilitation tools (for personal use by children): Donating a wheel chair could be the last option for us, because it only indicates the entry of a child into the terminal phase. There are a number of rehabilitation tools that could help delay the onset of disability and thereby the need for a wheel chair. Therefore, in spirit, we would like you too to prioritize your donation for the following tools than a wheel chair. Rehab tools include but not limited to; Lumbar belt, Breathing exerciser, Hip Cycle, New cycle exerciser, Hand grip exerciser, Commode, Night Splint, Knee brace, Ankle support, Bunion splint, Foot drop splint, etc.,
  5. Physiotherapy equipment (for the Rehab Center): Standing frame, Quadriceps table, Ankle exerciser, Rowing machine, Static cycle, Shoulder wheel, Overhead pulley, Fore arm exerciser, Wrist exerciser, finger exerciser, Sitting chair, Parallel bar, Gym bar, Exercise couch, Foam mat, Bolster, Prone wedge, Balance board, Wheel stool, Theraband, Medicine ball, Weight cuff, Spine scan, Lower Limb CPM, Steadiness testers, Inflatable swimming pool etc.,
  6. Daily Food: Feeding an average of 50 inmates on a daily basis would require regular flow of money and/or materials. You may donate/sponsor the costs of food on the basis of per day/week/month(s) etc., as desired by you. Occasional sponsoring to commemorate the birth/wedding/memorial anniversaries of your family members could be an option too.
  7. Diagnosis & Medical care: Even a few most pressing needs of muscular dystrophy children such as, Genetic analysis, periodical medical check-up (that includes Pulmonary & Cardiac tests), emergency medical care etc., remain unaffordable to large majority of children. You may donate towards such needs of the poor.
  8. Corpus & Operations: You are most welcome to donate to build a Corpus to ensure organizational sustainability and general donations to manage our day to day operations.