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Carrier analysis & Gene sequencing for all types of muscular dystrophy can be done with us. We may arrange to collect the blood sample at your door step, wherever possible. Please learn that the Genetic testing is the most efficient and simplest method of ascertaining carrier risk of muscular dystrophy. Please call us at +91452 436 94 94 or write to info@mdfindia.org for an appointment.

Muscular dystrophy being an incurable, much neglected disease and lacking public awareness even amongst those who are being inflicted with it, it could be considered as a pre-mature effort to discuss about preventing it, particularly in India. However, it becomes imperative to create knowledge about it since it is this country which has hundreds and thousands of families with more than 2 patients. It is painful to see families having even 5 children with the same disease. It alone speaks for the lack of information and genetic counselling services available in this country.

Therefore, Muscular Dystrophy Foundation feels it necessary to explain the context in which ‘prevention’ is being discussed. For the purposes of this discussion, ‘prevention’ is strictly linked to the ‘off-spring’ potential of a family that already has a Muscular Dystrophy patient. While it is being not preventable after the birth of a baby, the potential could be assessed before the birth of a baby, particularly in families with a history of Muscular Dystrophy.

Gene Sequencing for Carrier detection: Recurrence of Muscular Dystrophy could be prevented by ‘Gene Sequencing’ the dystrophin gene of a women (mother/sisters) who has a family history for Duchenne / Becker Muscular Dystrophy. By sequencing all the exons of the 'Dystrophine', we could identify/rule out the carrier risk. However, 'Gene sequencing' has its own limitations. 

Prenatal test: While 'gene sequencing' helps in understanding the 'carrier risk' Pre-natal diagnosis helps finding as to whether or not the child in the womb is defective. This might become an option for those who could not do 'gene sequencing'. However, 'Prenatal test' must be done between 11-20 weeks of pregnancy.

Carrier Analysis: Carrier analysis by using MLPA could be considered as yet another option.

Therefore, mdfindia strongly recommends families with a history of muscular dystrophy to do all such precautions that are possible /available to prevent further inheritance. Please note that the molecular test reports of B/DMD patients in your family might become very useful in carrier analysis. MDF INDIA requests parents to ensure DNA testing of  their DMD children so that matching with the genes of mother/sister(s) becomes possible at a later stage and when required.

Parents requiring genetic counselling are encouraged to contact mdfindia through email:info@mdfindia.org

Disclaimer: Contents in this section were provided in good spirit and as derived from public sources. Please do not consider any part thereof or in full to be authetinc and final.Please take the advise of a qualified medical professional/ genetic counselor before acting upon the information provided above. MDF INDIA shall not be held liable for the information provided in this site.