Given below are the responses of Dr. Mukesh D. Jain to a series of email enquiries by Mr. M. Louis, Executive Director of Muscular Dystrophy Foundation India.


Thanks for your communication. TMP along with Mamsagni Rasayana are useful treatment.

Our current understanding of  Muscle  Dystrophy indicates that there are two general approaches to the treatment that offer hope. The first approach is to develop the technology for effectively  re-introducing the deficient gene, or a functional portion of it, into the dystrophic muscles. However, significant technical hurdles have thus far prevented the development of a suitable gene therapies. It is important, therefore, to develop alternative therapeutic strategies for improved quality of Life. The Ayurvedic treatments are meant to slow the progress of the deterioration by regulating the large contribution of immune cells to the death of dystrophic muscle.
Til Mash procedure (TMP) is a special muscle empowering procedure using extracts of  Asparagus racemosus, Sida cordifolia, W. somnifera, Vitex negundo, Curcuma domestica, Berberis aristata, Cyperus rotundus, and Soymida febrifuda as additional ingredients to Til, Masha, unpolished rice and wheat bran, all cooked with milk. This procedure help to stabilize the Sarcolemma membrane defect in the muscle fibers. It also remove excess fat deposition in the muscle and increases muscle power.

Mamsagni Rasayana is found effective to stop further deterioration of muscles.  Patient can notice effect within 6-8 weeks. The medicine should be used for 6-8 month. It is taken orally, has the potential to address the underlying degenerative Vata derangement causing destruction of the muscle fibers.  It gives better results if used along with TMP  ayurvedic therapy and Yogic support.

Mamsagni Rasayana does not alter the patient’s genetic code or introduce genetic materials into the body. It is natural product developed and being clinically used by AMDS India for Care through ayurvedic research project  since 1995.  This natural dietary medicament is safe for human consumption. More info is available in the link below:-

Interested patient has to register online at our website:
The mamsagni Rasayana can be ordered after registration. The one month cost is Rs 2000.
For TMP procedure patient has to come to Bhilai  for 10 days. We do therapy along with  training so that this therapy can be done at home. The cost of therapy + training is Rs 5000.
Kindly note this is our is non-profit project.
Payment through bank transfer or Western Union in favor of

The Ayush Samiti
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For electronic transfer use IFS Code: SBIN0005721

Feel free to call me if you have any question or concern at any time.
Your org is doing good job. our complements!! Keep it up.

Dr Mukesh D Jain, the Ayush Samiti, Bhilai
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