• About Muscular Dystrophy

    Not a disease but a genetic disorder that might occur even as a fresh mutation

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  • Types of Muscular Dystrophy

    Only organization in India that cares for all types of muscular dystrophy patients

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  • Latest research

    Facilitating access to clinical trials and research updates

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  • Diagnosis

    DNA testing (MLPA) for DMD/BMD simplified

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  • Prevention

    Don’t pass muscular dystrophy on to generations. You can stop it!

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Muscular Dystrophy Foundation India

“I have hundreds and thousands of poor children with Muscular Dystrophy. I see my son in them and they give meaning to my life. I would never give up; b’coz that’s what my son taught me.
G. Renganayaki
Founder & Chair
Muscular Dystrophy Foundation India

We made it!

‘Muscular Dystrophy’ has been included in the draft of the upcoming new law on disability

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         Society for Regenerative medicine and Tissue Engineering


We cannot wait for 10 more years!
Please sign an appeal to the Home Minister of India to include Muscular Dystrophy in the Census 2011