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    Not a disease but a genetic disorder that might occur even as a fresh mutation

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    Only organization in India that cares for all types of muscular dystrophy patients

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    DNA testing (MLPA) for DMD/BMD simplified

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About Us

MD Rejuvenation Home

A short stay & multi-service facility for poor patients affected by muscular dystrophy

Muscular dystrophy patients, particularly the children at the initial stages of onset of the disorder would be accommodated in the home along with a parent for a month. While ensuring all forms of early intervention to reduce the disability, parents will be trained on care & management of the disorder. This would largely help in ensuring quality care & management of an affected child.

As a parents/patients’ organization, we knew how difficult it is to care a muscular dystrophy child/patient. Lack of information, medical support, guidance etc makes the case even worse. Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy children in India live a short life as compared to their counterparts in developed countries. Even the patients affected by other milder variants of muscular dystrophy become non-ambulant and dependent 10-15 years in advance to their counterparts in developed countries. Premature death/disability, very poor quality of life and the subsequent mental agony, depression, and hopelessness of the parents/family are some of the major manifestations of lack of information, knowledge and specialized care & support system for muscular dystrophy patients in India.

Also, a wide range of social, economical, cultural and emotional issues along with the incurable nature of MD make the families jinxed and collapsed.  The fact that women are the careers of Muscular Dystrophy, many fathers and their families particularly in the rural setting, begin to rage a war against the mother through various inhuman means. Forceful separations from the family, psychological & physical abuse by the spouse & in-laws, have been the most common forms of victimization.  There have been numerous instances where the father disowns his family resulting in the mother taking the burden of protecting her children including the disabled and risky child. There are also instances of appealing for mercy killing and/or self destruction by the parents. The lack of moral strength and the inability to cope with the pressure are the issues that Muscular Dystrophy Foundation India intends to address by establishing a ‘Rejuvenation home’.

The ‘Rejuvenation home’ would provide short stay/regular residential facility to such kind of  patients/parents and provide them a variety of morale building services like psycho-social counseling, meditation, need based spiritual orientation, yoga, etc.

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