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Become a Good Will AMBASSADOR


Who can be an AMBASSADOR?

Apparently, any one could become a Good Will Ambassador of MDF INDIA. You don’t need to be a ‘Big” guy. Any ‘Soul’ who is compassionate towards the sufferings of a fellow citizen and committed to spread words on ‘muscular dystrophy’ can become a ‘Good will Ambassador’.  Obviously, you would be a person with clean records in your personal and as well as profession.

What are expected of a Good Will AMBASSADOR?

Sky is the limit. You can do all the good things. Here are a few basic tasks;

  1. You will include a permanent strap, “Good Will Ambassador of Muscular Dystrophy Foundation India” in all your email signatures, blog spots, Profiles in the FD, Twitter etc. The strap must be linked to mdfindia.org
  2. You will provide an online face to MDF INDIA by sharing through Face Book, Twitter, etc.
  3. You will share all the events & updates of MDF INDIA with your friends and contacts through the social networking sites, as and when required by MDF INDIA.
  4. You will ensure that at least one of your friends become ‘Good Will Ambassadors’ of MDF INDIA, every month.
  5. Visit at least TWO muscular dystrophy families every month. You will spend a minimum of an hour interacting with a patient/family and send a brief note to us by email about your experience/interaction with the families.
  6. You will notify MDF INDIA of your intentions if any, to offer any form of help/support to a family. You would not provide a direct support without the knowledge of MDF INDIA.
  7. You will participate in all the events of MDF INDIA as and when possible by you.

What are the processes of becoming a ‘Good Will Ambassador’?


  1. Just contact us either over phone (+91 452 436 94 94) or email:
  2. We may exchange a few emails and/or set up a Skype call for mutual acquaintance.
  3. You will have to fill out a prescribed form and submit it to us along with a passport size photo of yours.
  4. Next level, we would require you to acquire firsthand knowledge about muscular dystrophy, primarily by using internet.
  5. We will guide you through to acquire practical knowledge about the medical, socio-economical, cultural and psychological issues surrounding muscular dystrophy. We can do it in a phased manner. Subsequently, we might also assist you to visit one or two patients in your vicinity to gain direct feel about what it means to have muscular dystrophy for a patient and his/her family.  
  6. We will discuss again after your visit and evolve an action plan that best suits your time and interests.
  7. You will sign your Good Will statement and; We certify you as a ‘GOOD WILL AMBASSADOR’
  8. On successful accomplishing of the basic tasks for a consecutive 6 months period, you may be listed in our website as one of our ‘Good Will Ambassadors’.

Will it cost me money & Time?

Not much. You don’t need to make a donation, unless you want. You will have to meet on your own the costs of travel towards visiting muscular dystrophy families within your locality. It might not require more than a few hundred depending upon your mode of travel. It might take a maximum of 3-4 hours in a month. Other basic tasks would not require money, but very little of your time while you are on the internet.

What it takes to be an Ambassador is only your commitment to support a social cause.

Why should I?

We all walk, run, ride a cycle, swim in a pool, drive a car and perform many such things as able bodied persons. BUT, people affected by Muscular Dystrophy cannot even eat food or drink a glass of water without someone’s assistance, because all their skeletal muscles are progressively destroyed. They could not even safeguard self from a mosquito bite, ant etc.  The pain & sufferings of muscular dystrophy patients extend to their parents/care takers, in a different form though and their agony is multifold particularly if they are poor. The quality of life of those families with more than two muscular dystrophy patients is just miserable. Fulfilling the special needs of those muscular dystrophy children is just impossible when they can’t even meet their basic needs. Living conditions of families abandoned by the male head for an uncanny reason that it was the woman who gave birth to a defective child, has been even worse. But all these families have children; all those children have dreams too; they do deserve a childhood as other normal ones.

We are not talking about just one or two instances of muscular dystrophy. We refer to an estimated number of more than 6,00,000 muscular dystrophy children in this country. Given the fact that a muscular dystrophy family has a minimum of 50% risk on every new birth and generating carriers, we are afraid that the present population of 6,00,000 patients could multiply into 9,00,000 over the next 5 years and 12,00,000 in 10 years, if not intervened. This also necessarily means that these 12,00,000 families might have to spend a minimum average of Rs.2,00,000/- each towards diagnosing, care & special needs, etc, amounting to a mammoth total of Rs. 24,00,00,000,000 over the next 10 years.  Obviously, it is a matter of productivity, money, future of this country and therefore should become a greater concern to every socially concerned entity.

Just Do it today!

Dial +91 452 436 94 94 OR mail to