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What people say about us...?

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From: Ashutosh Sinha

My salute to Madam Renganayaki and Mr Louis. they have shown the courage and vision to help people with MD live a life. Also to parents of children having MD gets to know that they can make their child's life better. In India where any kind of disability is looked down, standing solid for them and giving them right to live, live a life with dignity is inspirational. I know with the resolve and
determination this wonderful couple have shown, their dream of having a multi specialty hospital will surely be a reality soon. Hope no disability be strong enough to rob the right to live from a child or their parents.  Renganyaki and Louis are the leaders we must follow.

From: Jerome D’ Suza, Dan Church Aid

I know Louis as a colleague since 1995, and his determination and courage has been unwavering. At the same time, his wife has also been a pillar of strength to him. Both of them turned a personal tragedy into a public crusade, and in doing so, have become a beacon of hope to parents having children with MD.
This is the triumph of Adhiban's life!

From: Dr.Siddhartha Gaddamanugu

I applaud Ms.Renganyaki's very sincerely from the bottom of my heart. As doctors we learn about various medical conditions and treatment, but still there are so many conditions and disorders which have no treatment. It is people like Renganayaki who actually make such a huge difference for these innocent children who right now, require love,emotional and financial support of their family and society. While I find it extremely difficult to come to terms with what has happened to her in the past, her desire and dedication to help others who are now in a similar situation is very heart rendering.

From: Ajay Justice, Law student, Delhi

Not about Dying, but abuot LIVING, Living with Grace...
Not a story of losing, but one of FIGHTING, Fighting a losing battle with Steadfast Courage and Grit ...
We are with you dear MDFI families.

From: C. Arunachalam, Head Master (Retd)

Madam. Renganayaki is the real super mother to many of us. She has been our sole source of courage and strength and helps us keep going. Congrats to Madam

From: K.P. Natarajan

A Mother is a Mother,worthy of worship,regardless of her age as compared to one who wishes to worship her.As I read somewhere,'When one door closes,it is almost a rule that, one opens somewhere else.But we stand staring at the closed door with so much anguish, that we don't see the one, open'.Even the snap accompanying the article speaks eloquently of the Mother of Adhiban.Renganayaki evidently refused to be 'anguished', further involved herself in assisting those with kid/s like her own.Oh Mother I salute you.

From: V.B. Dyasa

Heart touching incident but a challenging and courageous decision taken by the couple to move forward and do serve the similar cases, really God will bless them in their endeavor.

From:  Gowthami, Travel Another India, Delhi

Having met Renganayaki and Louis, I doubly applaud their dedication - it requires a lot more than strength to convert such a loss into a way of helping others! Wishing our country many more such visionaries!

From: A. Padmanabhan

Mothers are mothers loving caring and obliging..I happened to go thru a CD and book by Prof Murray who has his weekly meetings with his students who love him and make themselves available to hear him talk.He was also down with muscular dystropy the degenerative disease.We have heard of Prof Stephen Hawkings who is afflicted with Greig's Syndrome also a degenerative disease. He was advised he would live for another 14 weeks only at the age 21 or so but he still lives and uses a voice recorder to give lectures.
Returning to Mrs Ranganayaki and her husband Louis are extraordinary people and deserve all help.

From: Neera Nundy, DASRA, Mumbai

This journey is moving an extremely motivational. The passion and empathy you'll exhibit is commendable. DASRA is really proud of having you a part of our family.

From:  Ramya.S

'Unselfishness is God'-Swami Vivekananda.

G. Renganayaki Amma, You are intensely divine

From:  Vaishnavi, Architect, Chennai

Despite their loss, it is obvious that they are on a mission with reasons for the great cause. It is no one`s stretch of imagination that the seriousness of this dreadful disease is least known to the society even today, but for the sincere and untiring efforts of this committed couple through MDF India . My special prayers for the couple to take MDF to a greater height.

From: Raghavendra B Pachhapur, Action Aid, Bangalore

I personally salute Renganayaki and Louis for their contributions to the disabled people and the disability sector at large. I wish them all the success in their dreams.

From: Vanarajan.BS, Consultant-AJWS

Respected Renganayaki and Louis you are really great. It is very simple to say anything but you are practicing in your real life every day. This journey is for social change.

From: Sr. Carol, Rajasthan

Both of you Louis & ur wife are real Heroes !! The pain & suffering you have went through made you more sensitive to those with similar suffering. You have become a beacon of hope to parents having children with Muscular dystrophy and you are model for all those parents who are facing similar situation in life. I admire your dedication & commitment to this noble cause.

From: J. Rama

I am very happy to learn about all the efforts made for the Muscular Dystrophy in India. I have a son who is now aged 20 yrs with Becker Muscular Dystrophy, inspite all the doctors said that he will be soon on wheel chair, his legs is still carrying him, THANK GOD. In Mauritius, we have a Muscular Dystrophy Association. I will be very happy to know if your association be made known to us.

From: Dr Chaitanya Koduri

My eyes are filled with tears as I write this comment. I am grateful to all your efforts. Spreading awareness is more important than anything else in case of diseases like muscular dystrophy. Its heartbreaking to know that there are 3500 families in India going through so much of pain.

From: Subba Rao

Good and inspiring work done by the couple Mrs Renganayaki and Mr. Louis

From: Prasanna Shirol, President, LSD Support Society, Bangalore

Mrs Ranganayaki has proved it again that, Only mother can replace a mother. It is not enough, if I say just Congratulations, because India needs such brave dedicated mothers who have undergone trauma and still nothing stops them. I want you to still continue your good work and help all those who really need your service. You are one among the very few persons in India doing such great gob and I wish you and Mr Louis all the very best and keep up the good work.

From: Shilpi Monacha, Switzerland

It is a commendable effort by both Mrs Ranganayaki and Mr. Louis! Many people are grateful for all your efforts. I wish you both loads of success with MDF INDIA.

From: ShaliniN Kedia, Chairperson, Fragile X Society -India

Three cheers to Mrs. Rengayaki. You have created history innumerable families.  I earnestly appreciate the efforts made by you to bring to light such an important issue as Muscular Dystrophy. Many a times these important problems are pushed under the carpet even by the family members. Print media has immense power and I thank you for your awareness drive which is indubitably the first step. These issues come with a lot of social stigmas attached. Awareness will also create acceptance and support. Please keep up the good work.

From: S. Ramanujam

In these modern days , where every human relationship is valued only with expectations and returns, what a rare and dare personality we see in Mrs Renganayaki! It is not the disease of MD that is a threat to the unfortunate suffering lot but the negligence of timely medical and emotional care by the society that is the biggest threat. In this context, MDF India is an eye opener to many in the world who may not be even aware of MD. MDF of India deserves everyone`s support and it
is time we show the smile to rest of the world in eradicating MD, Thanks to this dedicated Couple of Mrs Renganayaki & MrLouis. May GOD be with them throughout for their noble cause.

From: Balaraman

I congratulate Mrs.Renganayaki for her contribution to the society at large by this noble work

From: Vishnu C Nair

Mrs Renganayaki and Mr Louis are the real super heroes of our country. I wish them all the success in their dreams.

From: Dr. Priya Treesa Thomas, Researcher, NIMHANS

The great work being done by Ms Renganayaki &Team. Muscular Dystrophy and its impact on the families are still relatively unknown areas for many. As a person who has worked with families of children with Muscular Dystrophy, I must say that the recognition of the distress they go through and the need for support is extremely high. The way it is being addressed by MDF is laudable.

Hats off to you all!!!

From: Vinayak Agarwal

Good and inspiring work done by the couple Mrs Renganayaki and Mr. Louis

From: Kalyani

My eyes are filled with tears as I write this comment. I am grateful to all your efforts. Spreading awareness is more important than anything else in case of diseases like muscular dystrophy. Its
heartbreaking to know that there are lot of family in India going through so much of pain.I am sure Adhiban's courage and sense of humour will always be there to cheer up both of you and give you the strength to achieve the mission of MDF. Wishing you success in your endeavours.


No words are enough to eulogise Mrs.Renganayaki and Mr.Louise for what they are doing for the cause of MD and thousands of affected families. To all those who love and adore dear Adhiban, he is still alive with MDFI. He is constant reminder to the pediatricians to remind them for doing early and proper diagnosis. He is motivator for the school administrators to recognize and meet the special needs of 'different children.' He is the green signal to the political leaders of the country to shed their inhibitions to discuss the issues of disabled persons. He is the guideline how to plan the healthy family. Million salutes to this wonderful parents and all the best for their unique and benevolent work.

From: Paul Baskar, Manager, IOB, Hosur

Love never fails. Love always protects; always hopes; always perseveres. Renga & Lewis, your journey of love not over with Athiban; it continues with the children carrying MD. Let your efforts bring smiles on the faces of the children with MD and their parents! God bless you!

From: Yamini Sriram

Your child was a blessed one that he had a mother like you. And you are a blessing to the society now, making people aware of the conditions, fighting for the rights of the MD affected. In your every step I think you have been an example to people.
Kudos to your efforts madam...God bless you and give you & your husband more strength, energy and will to continue your support for this cause.

From: Latha

Hats off to a brave and truly inspirational person. The world needs more people like you. May the Almighty bless you abundantly. Perhaps this is what you were created.

From: Narendar Kande, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

It is a great act of love and courage. It is really inspiring to see both Renganayaki and Loius taking up the mission of supporting other needy families.Let us help them in connecting with people and corporates who can support this effort. Best wishes in your endeavours. Keep moving and all the best.

From: Leo P. George

I've not been with someone else, who had gone through so much pain and came back smiling. Smiling, not because the pain didn't hurt them, it indeed hurt them badly. But because, they went through it together. They fought together. They are a source of inspiration to so many others.
May your loving efforts bring smiles to scores of faces. May GOD be with you, blessing you with the strength to continue in your committed, benevolent endeavour.

From: B. Saravanan

I know personally Mr. Louis & Renganayagi. The pain they had ( during the last months of Adhiban) is not quantifiable. Now they work for the betterment of children who affected by M.D and the same is the driving force for their life. God give them strength & wealth for the noble cause.