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A Unique opportunity for Corporate Sponsors

Duchenne Alliance 2012 Legacy Sponsorship Opportunity
Higher Resolution in the
Biomedical Enterprise
Alleviate the savage funding odyssey that exists in the race to therapies
by sponsoring greater transparency and more effective relationships
between the foundations and scientists working to
conquer Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Speed our Science, Share our Reach

Children with Duchenne muscular dystrophy are in dire need of our help – muscle wasting robs them of life as they generally require a wheelchair by 11 and succumb to respiratory or cardiac complications by 20.  Meaningful therapies are in reach, but we need financial support to develop them quickly.  Approximately one quarter of all Duchenne cases are sporadic, so it can strike any family, regardless of prior history.  Since Duchenne is the most common monogenic disorder, successful therapies will have a profound impact on society. 

Foundations are a vital component of the biomedical enterprise.  As patient advocates, they identify the areas of greatest need in society and focus the attention of scientists on the most important Duchenne, allowing them to co-identify, co-review, and co-fund research that aims to advance therapies.  Participation is measured and reported on the Dashboard to incentivize biomedical research.  The DuchenneDashboard enables greater collaboration between the foundations dedicated to conquering Duchenne.  As a result, each of the participating foundations can make well-informed spending decisions and are rewarded for moving good science forward.

Corporate sponsors can take great pride by directly supporting the most innovative foundations in the world.  Optimized vetting by the foundations brings greater precision to therapeutic development and has had a profound impact on productivity.  World-leading scientists and foundations have notably improved the speed and effectiveness of funding.

Global Marketing Reach

The foundations that comprise the Duchenne Alliance have a global and diverse marketing reach that includes patients, parents, scientists, and concerned citizens.  OpenOnward has also dedicated the DuchenneDashboard, WikiFormulation, and WikiProtocols web channels, which reach elusive life scientists.   The following 14 non-profit foundations represent the most innovative organizations within the Alliance and are participating in each aspect of the 2012 marketing program, providing sponsors global reach through personal relationships:

Harrison’s Fund

Jett Foundation

Ryan’s Quest

Muscular Dystrophy Foundation India

Duchenne Now

Michael’s Cause

Hope for Gus

Zack Heger Foundation

John Owen’s Adventure

Coalition Duchenne

JB’s Keys

Team Joseph


Zubin’s Wish

Marketing Program and Assets

There are three sponsorship levels to reflect the desired reach: 

Gold:  $100,000+ (assets 1-6)

Silver: $10,000+ (assets 1-4)

Bronze: $100+ (assets 1-2)

All 2012  sponsors will also receive the right to a 15% discount on marketing assets for 2013 to honor your legacy support.

1.  ~$1M Higher Resolution Legacy Image and Web Page

The Duchenne Alliance Higher Resolution Legacy Page is an innovative marketing tool that focuses the world’s attention on the need to execute science with higher precision to drive therapies faster.  Sponsors receive 1 pixel for each dollar they spend.  Legacy sponsors can use this page as marketing collateral and they will receive favorable terms for future Duchenne Alliance marketing assets.  The expected reach is unknown since this is a novel approach in biomedicine.  The actual image size is 1280 x 800 pixels, and the legacy offer is limited by the dimensions of the image.  Please see more on the Higher Resolution Legacy Page.

2.  The Federated Sponsorship Widget

Our sponsorship widget displays corporate logos at the bottom of all of the participating foundations’ web pages.   The expected reach is approximately 10,000 to 40,000 unique views per month.  Share-of-voice depends on the number of sponsors and amount of contribution.  Please see an example on the Harrison’s Fund website.

3.  Twitter

Silver and Gold sponsors will be favorably tweeted by all participating foundations in posts to their Twitter accounts.  Inclusion of your marketing collateral (url, logo, and/or copy) is at the discretion of each foundation.  The expected reach is approximately 10,000 direct relationships and the foundations will encourage the spread of the message further.

4.  Facebook

Silver and Gold sponsors will be favorably mentioned by all participating foundations in posts to their Facebook sites.  Inclusion of your marketing collateral (url, logo, and/or copy) is at the discretion of each foundation.  The expected reach is approximately 10,000 direct relationships and the foundations will encourage the spread of the message further.

5.  Monthly Dedicated Email

The Duchenne Alliance will publish a monthly roundup of the most important issues in Duchenne, including a calendar of events, meeting summaries, and biomedical research and clinical trials information.  Each Gold sponsor (and their collateral) will be favorably mentioned in our email correspondence to over 12,000 contacts.

6.  Duchenne Alliance Print Media

Each participating foundation hosts local events (5k runs, golf tournaments, triathlons, Valentine’s Day balls, etc) that use print media to connect with their supporters.  A section of the print media is dedicated to announcing and promoting the Duchenne Alliance.  Each Gold sponsor will be favorably mentioned in the Duchenne Alliance section on the print material for each foundation.  Foundations may use their discretion in the amount and style of presentation.  The expected reach is 10,000 to 100,000.

Summary Table: 

Duchenne Alliance 2012 Legacy Sponsorship

Financial Transparency

Your payment will be directed to the participating non-profit foundation of your choice.  A 3% fee is allocated to OpenOnward to support the web site and marketing campaign.  Transaction fees depend on your choice of service:  For orders of $10,000 or less, we offer Dwolla (which charges only $0.25 per transaction) and Paypal (which varies depending on the amount of the transaction).  For orders over $10,000, you may use the web site options above or contact . 

Additional terms and privacy policy can be found on the Higher Resolution web site.  If you would like to participate, you may upload your collateral and make a payment on the Higher Resolution Legacy Page.


Higher Resolution