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    Not a disease but a genetic disorder that might occur even as a fresh mutation

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    Only organization in India that cares for all types of muscular dystrophy patients

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    Facilitating access to clinical trials and research updates

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    DNA testing (MLPA) for DMD/BMD simplified

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    Don’t pass muscular dystrophy on to generations. You can stop it!

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"Never before have I come across an organization so dedicated to a cause; Mr. Louis and Ms. Renganyaki pour their hearts and souls into this organization every single day and treat each affected family as their own. During the brief period that I spent working with MDF India I was treated the same way. My experience at MDF India has been an emotionally enriching one and has made me aware of the complex issues that affected families face in this country. - Sahil Kejriwal, Stanford University Hospital, Stanford, CA"

Openings for 2016:  Volunteers/Interns with skills in one or more of the following assignments are welcome to apply. Potential volunteer/intern will be a sponsored candidate who have the means to meet all of his/her expenses. Please excuse us for our inability to offer a grant.

1. Developing qualitative indicators to measure significant changes in the psychosocial and emotional state of muscular dystrophy children and their parents.

2. Writing case stories of significant changes acheived by our interventions.

3. Writing an analytical social report on the differences between one-off permanant disabilities and progressive multiple disabiliites caused by muscular dystrophy.

4. Writing an eloborate report on the gaps in the care & management of muscular dystrophy in India in comparision to developed countries.

5. Proudcing one of the best video documentaries to show case the menace of muscular dystrophy in India.

6. Entertaining and teaching of arts & crafts to our children at the Muscular Dystrophy Resource Centre.

About the internship program

Muscular Dystrophy Foundation India believes in young talents and is committed to provide an excellent learning atmosphere for students who are desirous of learning by doing. We have requirements that would perhaps suit short duration (2-3 months) and as well as long duration (6-12 months) programs.

Successful applicants for internship with Muscular Dystrophy Foundation India shall have; good command over English, willingness to undertake local travel, ability to cope with the changing environment/living conditions, writing skills, computer skills, flexibility etc.

Interns with Muscular Dystrophy Foundation can be sure of an excellent working atmosphere, exposure to rural setting/culture, interactive experience with muscular dystrophy patients, learning stem cell therapy (clinical trial) procedures, opportunities to understand the social, economic, cultural and psychological dimensions of a medical issue, etc. Interns shall have an opportunity of bringing out print/video/e-publications with due recognition. Needless to say, an internship certificate with special mentioning to one’s contributions will be provided.

Muscular Dystrophy Foundation India accepts internship applications throughout the year.

About Volunteering

Muscular Dystrophy Foundation India welcomes senior citizens, young professionals, students from professional disciplines to volunteer their skills, time and energy to take back a sense of satisfaction. We do not require volunteers to be stationed at our project locations. Volunteers shall have the liberty of being stationed at a place convenient to them and continue contributing their time based on a mutually agreed action plan. Specific modalities of functioning could be decided during the orientation program. We sincerely expect our volunteers to emerge as Ambassadors of Muscular Dystrophy. 


A simple/shared accomodation may be available for only female candidates, subject to availability at our Resource Centre. The Centre at Madurai is primarily meant for the training of mother of musuclar dystrophy children. Therefore, female volunteers opting to stay at our Centre will have to be accomodated with those young mothers. This would mean a greater opportunity for a volunteer/Intern to closely observe & help muscular dystrophy children engage meaningfully. The Centre has a false-roofed spacious terrace for recreation.

Male candidates please excuse because we accommodate only mother & children at our Centre. Volunteers prefering to stay on their own can be sure of our assistance in finding a safe place/hostel.

Accommodation at the Centre would cost $10 per day.

Food & Refreshments

Irrespective of their choice of stay, all volunteers can have their food & refreshments (vegetarian only) at our Centre. Simple, tasty & healthy food and snacks would cost $10 per day.

Interested candidates may please write to